Monday, January 23, 2012

Tricia Tracks Down Twenty Tacky Tasty Treats

For the last 5 years I have become the designated baker and decorator of all my friends and family's birthday cakes. My cakes are generally themed around inside jokes, ridiculous pop culture, fears, or eccentricities of the cakes recipient. With no training or background in the art of confection decorating,  my cakes are carefully designed and decorated following 2 strict rules:

          1. If you can't make it super cute why not make it really ugly

          2.  Go big or go home

Here are a few cakes I've made in the past
Celebrate a friends petrifying fear of roaches!

Celebrate an unhealthy love of the Krystal burger!

Celebrate a friend's secret desire to hoard stray cats!

 In my quest to discover other bakers working in the  art of  ironic confection I scourered the Internet and came up with a list of my  twenty favorite cakes.
And So I give you...

Tricia's Top Twenty Tacky Tasty Treats

(As found on the internet)
  1. For Carnivores and Children
  2. Not to be confused with Lil Wayne....Just because he won't play at you party doesn't mean he can't be there
  3. And who doesn't love an inbred elf ?
  4. Surprise!
  5. Babycakes?...Why??
  6. Everyone loves coo coo clocks
  7. ... My dream cake
  8. This guy really loves the Califorina Raisins, and Scotland?
  9. Maybe there's a real cake inside this pinata
  10. Treat yourself! Eat yourself?
  11. When I get married I'd like one of these please
  12. Giving new meaning to "Celebrating Death"
  13. Alex P Keaton's favorite birthday
  14. The best of the best
  15. I Don't Wanna Be Burried In A Pet Cemetary
  16. Mustaches are always apropriate
  17.  Da nu Da nu Da nu Da nu
  18. If you leave this out for Mr. Claus christmas eve you're sure to have extra presents in the morning
  19. Chewy Chewbacca

  20. I Pitty the fool who doesn't love this cake!