Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beachin' Out 2012

Ford Family Beach Party Time 2012!

This weekend I'm headed off to the Gulf with the entire Ford family. All three kids and my parents will be participating in this trip and I'm pretty pumped. I can be kind of a strange chick but when you get me around the people that raised me and always accepted and even encouraged my weirdness, well, things just get freaky. 

Here are some things that I plan on doing this weekend: 

1.) Rehearse for America's Got Talent on the car ride down.

Not only do I have the voice of a complete ANGEL but my entire family absolutley loves it when I sing at the top of my lungs to every song that comes on the radio. It's the only party trick I have. I know pretty much every crappy song you could never want to hear. So I'm going to get a little practice in while I have an audience that is forced to listen to me. 

2.) Maintain my porcelain complexion.

I'm incredibly fair - some may even throw around the word 'translucent.' At no point during this trip do I plan on getting any color because that just isn't what happens to me. I freckle, I don't tan. So to prevent any sort of freckly hot mess, I plan on using this:

Yeah. That says SPF 100+. 

3.) Get it crackalackin' at FloraBama.

Holy CRAP this is a great joint. This place is a bar, a restaurant AND a package store. Daiquiri, chicken fingers, airplane bottles and you're out the door.  They also feature a Mullet Toss. What is that you ask? You throw fish across the Alabama/Florida stateline. Duh.

4.) Skype (and wear) my cat.

I'm going to want to hear about her day. So I'm going to skype her so she can see that I got a bathing suit just for: 

Insane in my membrane,