Saturday, July 21, 2012

Are you in or are you out?!

Big thanks to everyone that came out to Babes in Brozeland at RAW Bronzing Studio. We had a blast!! (((Drumroll))).... Now for the winners of the raffle:

1. Brad Harris - $25 Atlanta Activewear Gift Certificate 

2. Taylor Molinari - $25 Atlanta Activewear Gift Certificate

3. Jessica McGowan - $25 Atlanta Activewear Gift Certificate

4. Jennifer Higgins - $25 Atlanta Activewear Gift Certificate

5. Emma Carey - Sinless Cocktails Swag Bag

6. Jaimi Beckerman - Private Tough Love Yoga Session with Ashley Nicole 

7. Emily Santa Maria - Private Tough Love Yoga Session with Sam

8. Valerie Reed - Complimentary RAW Bronzing Session

9. Sara Wiles - Complimentary RAW Bronzing Session

Danielle from Atlanta Activewear presenting the original BABE in Bronzeland (Tiffany Terranova) orchids from TWELVE!

We want it all! Undies, bras, yoga wear from Atlanta Activewear

Sam from TLY workin' it!

RAFFLE Goodies!

Miss Yoga in Heels. Love.

Someone buy these for Jessi, pronto. She will love you forever. 

We love you and you and you.