Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Riverview Landing Fall Festival | Urban Hoedown 2012

We all know that Atlanta loves a festival but if there is one that you really can’t miss this fall it’s Riverview Landing’s Urban Hoedown. Seriously. This two day event, Friday, September 28 & Saturday, September 29, is going to be pretty much everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

Friday, September 28 kicks the fest off with a super duper cool line up of local bands that we are STOKED about. The Constellations, Turf War and Sealions are ALL PLAYING ON THE SAME STAGE. OHMERGERD.

PS – Needs tickets? Visit Ticket Alternative or Criminal Records to get you one.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ba Da Ba Ba Ba... I'm lovin' it!

Stuff I'm into, Part II:

1. Living Walls is doing some big things, ya'll. Follow them on Facebook here. There are the brains behind the majestic street art you see going up all around town: Cabbagetown, Edgewood, Old Fourth Ward, and Downtown. Seriously lovin' it. 

Artist: La Pandilla Photo credit: Dustin Chamber Creative Loafing

2. My summertime jam: Jack White | I'm Shakin'

3. Erica Weiner's new 1909 Collection. Inspired by her favorite vintage and estate jewels, this collection is magical. Also, a size 5.5 will do.

Bow Ring, Erica Weiner

4. Sent from heaven, my new German mid-century buffet. I got a killer deal at Highland Row Antiques and the kitchen clutter is gone! win-win. 


5. While we're shakin' and groovin', you gotta listen to the only and only: Mrs. Wanda Jackson | Shakin' All Over