Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I'm Scared of Everything.

I'm the kind of person who is scared of their own shadow. I can't watch scary movies, go to haunted houses or even be alone late at night. I hear things...I see things...and worst of all, I'm totally convinced that monsters and ghosts are 100% real.

While normal people are afraid of things that could actually happen to them like being robbed, drowning or getting into a car accident I feel little fear about things that have the highest probability of truly happening to me. In short - I'm a total backwards freak.

Just as an example: Did any of you crazy kids go to the Scoutmob Halloween Party at the Goat Farm? It was a blast besides the fact that I was the only person there that was legitimately scared. Did I have a nightmares about the creepy guy in the black dress writing names of party attendees on a wooden door with chalk? Maybe I did. But I did take some pretty awesome Smilebooth photos to ease the pain.

Fashion Blogger, Disgruntled Goth Youth and Chicken Wire Ballerina

Fashion Blogger, Disgruntled Goth Youth and Chicken Wire Ballerina loving life!

Scary as hell homeboy at the Scoutmob party. Dang.

Here are the top 5 things that I think you should do with your Halloween even though I'm too scared to really do anything at all.

1.) Coathangers and Sealions at Starbar's 21st Anniversary Halloween Party. If you want to boogie then come out to this show. I love Sealions and one thing I'm not afraid of is shaking my groove thing.

2.) Chamber of Horrors. I wouldn't be caught dead here because there is a high chance I would pee my pants but if you like scary, blood curdling stuff you should like totally go!

3.) Shoot the crap out of some zombies. The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is probably my worst nightmare but it's like a real life The Walking Dead. Grab a paintball gun and aim for the head.

4.) Uncle Shucks Corn Maze. This probably isn't scary unless you hate kids and let's face it, they're kind of freaky.

5.) Tour Oakland Cemetery. Grab a Ouija Board and some candles and scare the bejesus out of your pals.

Get out there and scare yourself silly, Atlanta. I'll be watching safely from behind the curtains of my home. With my cats. With all of the lights on.

- Jessi