Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HBIC Volume 4: Lauren Janis

How the Mama Behind Big Daddy Biscuits Keeps Her Business
 All In The (Doggie) Family

Big Daddy Biscuits founder Lauren Janis is the kind of woman you feel like you’ve known your whole life after meeting her just once. Her love for her incredible dog, Big Daddy, has spawned a staple business in the Atlanta pet market providing delicious and healthy treats to pups across the city. Read on to find out the mission behind BDB, why Lauren got started, and where you can find the Mama of Big Daddy this market season.

How did you get started with Big Daddy Biscuits? 

After some life changing events my niece and nephew and I were having a pow wow and I asked them what I should do next.  After throwing some ideas around, they suggested that I make dog biscuits.  Then it was time to think of a name.  Big Daddy was the most obvious because of my bad ass dog.  The next day I went and purchased a mixer and started doing some R&D....and POW...Big Daddy Biscuits was born.
Founder Lauren Janis
Why do you do it?

If I am going to eat healthy...the dogs should to.  Knowing that I am giving the dogs a healthy amazing treat.  I enjoy creating and sharing the goodness of what we are doing.  

How do you stay inspired?  

Knowing that I making a good quality dog biscuits using ingredients that are from local Georgia farmers and seeing how much the dogs just love them.  With all the recalls going on with dog food and treats being manufactured in China, I know that I have a healthy amazing biscuit that your dog will roll over, fetch your slippers and keep begging for more.  Knowing the dogs that we see weekly at the markets know where our table is and pull their parents to us.  That alone keeps us going. 
What advice do you have women in your industry?
I am honored that the majority of the people in the pet industry that are part of my world are the most amazing ever. From owning pet stores like Park Pet Supply and The Whole Dog Market to having rescue groups like the Atlanta Underdog Initiative, Animal Action Rescue, Atlanta Bully Rescue, or ones that do outreach like Pitties in the City to help dogs in need.  I am honored to be part of these amazing women.  If you enjoy working with animals there are so many wonderful organizations that you can volunteer with to make a difference in this world. 

Desert island - what 3 things are you bringing? 

Big Daddy ...Never leave home without him,  Makers Mark for those sunsets and my Johnny Cash collection.

Top Atlanta finds/favorite places? 

The EARL in East Atlanta....It is my Cheers, getting my fuel on for the day is HomeGrown and enjoying walking Big Daddy on the Atlanta BeltLine.
All Natural & Organic doggie treats!
What’s next for you? 

Big Daddy Biscuits is gearing up for the opening days of the farmers markets.  Currently, Marietta Square Farmers Market & Piedmont Park Green Market. East Atlanta Farmers Market starts on April 18 and the Alpharetta Farmers Market April 21st.  We will be at the Georgia SPCA Run For the Rescues and Woofstock in May.

Give us some words of wisdom:

Just keep your head up and keep striving for your dreams.  Nothing comes easy but if you LOVE it then it is worth it.  Big Daddy Biscuits started with a casual discussion with my family members.  Honestly, never thought I would make a difference making dog biscuits.

What’s the craziest thing that happened to you in the Big Daddy world?

Nothing too crazy happens in the Big Daddy world however, I LOVE being attacked with love from the dogs saying "THANKS" for the yummy biscuits. 

We love you, do you love us?  

I love you guys more than you know.  Feel the love all the time for you lovely ladies.

Big Daddy love.

Love Lauren as much as we do? We knew you would. Help Big Daddy Biscuits grow by getting in on the action here: http://smallknot.com/big-daddy-biscuits-llc

Oh and like BDB on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/bigdaddybiscuits

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Indie Craft Experience Presents: The Curatorial

Indie Craft Experience Offers Curated Online Shopping With ‘The Curatorial'
First Pop-Up Shop Launches March 15th!

Online shoppers rejoice! There is no longer a need to scour the web for the latest and greatest in handmade. Introducing The Curatorial, the Indie Craft Experience’s (ICE) curated online shop featuring items from the best crafters and artists in the country as chosen by co-founders Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey. Launching March 15, 2013, The Curatorial will feature four themed pop-up shopping experiences during its inaugural year.

Petterson and Mulkey can spot a trend in crafts from a mile away, which is why attendees of their popular marketplace events have come to trust their taste. The themed online pop-up shops will all be three weeks long with Handcrafted Goodness in March, Art Print Love in May, Vintage Treasures in July and Inspired Craft Supplies in October. 

 “We’re putting our seal of approval on every item that is featured on The Curatorial,” said ICE co-founder, Christy Petterson. “We’re so excited that our fans across the country have the opportunity to buy our favorite handcrafted items online.”

Shopping from independent artists and crafters has never been easier.  As two of the most trusted names in handcrafted, Petterson and Mulkey have done the legwork for you. By presenting only the very best from their top crafters and artists online, shoppers can buy ICE endorsed items even when an ICE event isn’t taking place.

The Curatorial
Launched by the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) in 2013, The Curatorial is an online shop featuring the best in all that is handcrafted as selected by ICE founders, Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey. The Curatorial features exciting items from the most talented crafters and artists in the country. All items are specially selected for their unique style and are available for purchase at www.TheCuratorialATL.com.