Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Indie Craft Experience Presents: The Curatorial

Indie Craft Experience Offers Curated Online Shopping With ‘The Curatorial'
First Pop-Up Shop Launches March 15th!

Online shoppers rejoice! There is no longer a need to scour the web for the latest and greatest in handmade. Introducing The Curatorial, the Indie Craft Experience’s (ICE) curated online shop featuring items from the best crafters and artists in the country as chosen by co-founders Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey. Launching March 15, 2013, The Curatorial will feature four themed pop-up shopping experiences during its inaugural year.

Petterson and Mulkey can spot a trend in crafts from a mile away, which is why attendees of their popular marketplace events have come to trust their taste. The themed online pop-up shops will all be three weeks long with Handcrafted Goodness in March, Art Print Love in May, Vintage Treasures in July and Inspired Craft Supplies in October. 

 “We’re putting our seal of approval on every item that is featured on The Curatorial,” said ICE co-founder, Christy Petterson. “We’re so excited that our fans across the country have the opportunity to buy our favorite handcrafted items online.”

Shopping from independent artists and crafters has never been easier.  As two of the most trusted names in handcrafted, Petterson and Mulkey have done the legwork for you. By presenting only the very best from their top crafters and artists online, shoppers can buy ICE endorsed items even when an ICE event isn’t taking place.

The Curatorial
Launched by the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) in 2013, The Curatorial is an online shop featuring the best in all that is handcrafted as selected by ICE founders, Christy Petterson and Shannon Mulkey. The Curatorial features exciting items from the most talented crafters and artists in the country. All items are specially selected for their unique style and are available for purchase at www.TheCuratorialATL.com.