Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring is the Season of Birds....and Festivals!

Hey y'all,

I hope you aren't covered in pollen and are enjoying your spring thus far, I know we are!
Spring is a unique time of year because its when everyone comes out of hibernation and attends spring festivals. There are some great spring festivals going on in Atlanta this season, and going into the summer. Here are some that you can catch us at!

The Voices & Vibes festival is this weekend at the Woodruff Arts Center. We have been working hard for ArtsVibe in promotion and planning of this teen arts festival. I am personally excited to see Def Jam's Artistic Director, Cey Adams, help the teens create a graffiti mural on Saturday at 2:00p.m.

For more info on the Voice & Vibes festival, "Like" ArtsVibe on Facebook

Another spring festival that is going down is the 10th annual Brownwood Bike Festival in East Atlanta on May 4th, this event will have some great child-friendly interactive bicycle themed events like helmet decoration, and "crit-crots" races. Hope to see you EAV'ers there!

Probably the most epic event of the season though is this year's Atlanta Streets Alive, produced by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. This year the festival geared towards the celebration of all things human-powered will take over Peachtree Street on May 19th. We've been working hard for Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and are beyond excited to bring Atlanta some of the spectacular activities that we all have planned for you.

Check out the Atlanta Streets Alive website Here for more info about this amazing event!

Hope to see you around town this spring at the festivals!
Till then,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mason Jar Design Competition!

Calling all artists, designers, creators, makers and dabblers! The Salvage Mason Jar Design Competition is now accepting applications! Create ANYTHING your heart desires out of a mason jar and then watch the judging fun at Salvage at Ambient + Studio on April 13.

Enter here:

WHAT: Mason Jar Design Competition

WHERE: Salvage Vintage Marketplace

WHEN: April 13, 2013 at Ambient Plus Studio

WHAT: The South is no stranger to the iconic Mason Jar but during Salvage, the Indie Craft Experience’s modern vintage marketplace on April 13, 2013 at Ambient Plus Studio, the container will be transformed into something more than just a vessel for jellies and jams. Salvage’s Mason Jar Competition will be a major feature of the event among some of the most incredible vintage vendors in the country.  The competition is open to everyone and the only requirement is that your creation must include a mason jar! Enter to compete at

The competition will be judged by Beth Malone of Dashboard Co-Op, Susannah Darrow of Burnaway, and Stuart Shapiro of Binders Art Supply will judge the competition.