Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Persephone's Fall: Freakin' Awesome.

I've danced for most of my life - and I'm not just talking about getting down by myself in my bedroom. I began taking lessons at about 5 and learned about ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop and whole slew of other styles that all expressed different emotions through movement. I carried my love of dance throughout my life and into college where I performed classic dances such as The Wobble, Cupid Shuffle and the occasional Twerk off on the sidelines of the Georgia State basketball court.

Luckily for me, there are people in this great city of ours who appreciate this fine art form beyond dancing at BBQs and still carry the torch that I've left behind. Persephone's Fall, a theatrical dance experience inspired by traditional mythology, is an incredible performance presented by Rule of 3 Productions. Persephone's Fall is a tale of a girl and her transformative personal journey through the Underworld accompanied by haunting music composed by Atlanta-based band, The Ghosts Project.

Persephone's Fall will be at 7 Stages Theatre this weekend, you guys. If you're into awesome costumes, sweet aeriel tricks and incredible dancing all while listening to a local band perform a custom composition, then you really need to check this thing out.

Scoutmob is even offering a little dealio. You can snatch the remaining discounted tickets here:

Thursday, May 30
Friday, May 31
Saturday, June 1

See you dancing machines this weekend!