Monday, May 20, 2013

The Streets Came Alive!

As you may have heard, Atlanta Streets Alive was yesterday (Sunday, May 19th) and was held on Atlanta's busiest thoroughfare, Peachtree Street. The event which is put on by The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is a celebration of human powered amusement, and the end result of a lot of hard work from them, us, and all the other organizers. We were excited to be a part of this year's festival and we had a ton of fun throughout the day!

No one was sure how the weather was going to hold up, as lately Atlanta weekends have been doin' us festival going people dirty; rain, winds, thunder, lightening and all that bad stuff. Fortunately, the rain held out until the very end of the event, making the main chunk of it a good time for all!

All of the Birds of a Feather girls were excited for Peachtree Street to close, and the second it did, we set up our tent on Peachtree and Ponce and (literally) took flight! At the interactive Birds of a Feather tent you could personalize your own feather and adhere it to the BOF bird poster which was hanging in our tent! Check it out here:
Obviously we know who had the best feather (Your girl Atl Mel with the tail featha'), although the person who colored a feather that read "Slayer Rules" was a close second!

We were stationed next to some of the other sponsors of the event like Yelp, REI, and Whole Foods so we kicked it with our neighbors and watched the bicycling happy people go by. At one point, city councilman Kwanza Hall stopped by to say hello, as he paraded down Peachtree with a bicycling giant bird in tow:
There are some great shirts goin' on in this picture!

Being stationed on Peachtree Street was surreal. It was a different Peachtree Street than we are all so used to; there were no cars, no traffic, no exhaust fumes, no honking, and no stop-and-go traffic. We were right in front of the historic Fox Theater, and there were people walking, roller blading, bicycling, skateboarding and zooming by the Birds of a Feather tent all day long!

We were so excited to be apart of this amazing event and can't wait to see what next year's Atlanta Streets Alive will bring! Big thanks to the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition with the help of Mayor Kasim Reed and all of the other awesome sponsors!

Until next time!

your girl,