Monday, June 24, 2013

Fallen Arrows Showroom Launch -This Thursday Night!

Our friends over at Fallen Arrows are excited to announce the launch of their Showroom! I will be there getting the scoop and checking out the wares on the Showroom's opening night!

Atlanta doesn't really have a wholesale scene for boutique owners or shop buyers besides the giant Apparel Mart downtown. Fallen Arrows is quick to recognize this void and bring Atlanta a cool place to shop wholesale. 

Fallen Arrows announces the opening of their showroom space, providing boutique owners and buyers with the best in local wares. The showroom will be open to the public during a launch event on June 27, 2013 at their Inman Park location at 840 Dekalb Ave, 30307 from 6-10PM.

Make sure you come out to this event, grab some free drinks, and see what awesome-ness Fallen Arrows has been up to!

Catch ya then!


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Knitting Factory-Not Your Grandmother's Knitting

If you've been to Brooklyn and you are into the music scene, you've probably heard of, or been to The Knitting Factory. Located off Metropolitan Ave in the heart of Brooklyn, The Knitting Factory is the place to go for cool yet underground shows in New York.

When I was interning in Manhattan several summers ago, I got a chance to go to a show at the Knitting Factory. The show was on a hot July night, 60's influenced garage bands, No Bunny, and The Strange Boys played. The venue was packed and was the place to be that night in Brooklyn. There was a huge crowd congregated outside, and then when the music was about to start, we all squeezed into the small hallway that led to the stage and bar. The crowd went wild for both bands, people were stage diving and crowd surfing, the New York modern garage punk scene was at its best. After the show, I was sweaty and gross, I had beer poured on me but it was cool. The show made me feel alive. My ears were ringing for days after.

What started as a venue in 1987, (the year I was born ha!), The Knitting Factory, has transformed to all things that correlate with shows and live music. Now, the transformed textiles factory is its own entertainment company, complete with a record company, music management business, and tour coordinators. The Knitting Factory Started in Brooklyn but has grown to fulfill the position of the cool go-to venue in other cities like Boise, Reno and Spokane. Along with these other crossover ventures, the Knitting Factory has its own apparel line called "The Knit Collection" which is comprised of all sorts of clothing items printed with music inspired designs.

Fun fact: local Atlanta printing powerhouse Fallen Arrows has partnered with The Knitting Factory Entertainment to print exclusive licensed music apparel. Fallen Arrows be the printshop that prints and sells The Knitting Factory's licensed music related t-shirts, handbags, hats and other apparel. The Knit Collection + Fallen Arrows is premiering this month! Check out a sneak peak of some of the designs below:

Keep on rockin' in the free world,


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's Cooler Than Bein' Cool? ICE!

So what if I just tried to quote an Outkast song, you love it. You love it because I'm talking about ICE. Not the kind you put in your bubble tea, but Indie Craft Experience-that's whats cooler than being cool!

Summer ICE is this weekend guys. Its supposed to get up to 87 degrees this weekend, so you know you're gonna want to cool down with some ICE-that is Summer ICE at Ambient Plus Studios on Saturday and Sunday. You can find some awesome duds to prance around town in this summer, from jewelry to fashions, soap to candles, pillows to aprons, there is something for everyone at Summer ICE.
It really is cooler than being cool.

Its no lie that Atlanta's own Indie Craft Experience has been making headway in the D.I.Y. craft scene for years. With their Holiday ICE, Salvage, and Wedding Day Hooray, the ladies behind ICE know what they are doing. They are regarded as the most renowned craft marketplace in the Southeast, and obviously for the right reasons.

One of my favorite vendors around town will be there, Yo Soy Candles. You can smell the amazing scents like sweet orange chili, a personal favorite of mine that has been burning in my apartment for months now.

Be sure to stop by the Yo Soy booth at Summer ICE and grab a scented soy candle before I buy all of them.

Thanks everyone for listening to my rant about Outkast, bubble tea and candles. Be sure to come out to Summer ICE this weekend. 

Stay cool,