Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Attention all Atlanta fashionistas!
Do you think you are have a the special talent of styling? Do you work in the retail industry, or just like to dress yourself up and give friends fashion advice for fun?

We have a competition for you! This year's Salvage hosted by the Indie Craft Experience will feature: 

The Great Salvage Vintage 
Style Competition 

Where participants will show off their best vintage styling abilities! Its only $5 to enter as a competitor and the winner takes home a grand prize of $100!
The only rules are, you have to use vintage garments (20 years older or more). Participants will use their creative fashion skills to stylize a blank dress form at the Salvage event on September 14th.

To simplify:
Blank Dress Form + You + Vintage Garments + Mad Fashion Skillz @Salvage = $100

So get on it! Here's where you can APPLY! Hurry, submissions are due by September 1st!