Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet Hillery - BOFC's Event Intern

We're so thrilled to introduce the newest addition to the BOFC team - Hillery Sawyer! Hillery will be diving right in to her internship by lending her creative expertise to client events. Learn a little more about this very talented lady below. Welcome to the team!
Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well hello there everybody, Im Hillery and Im pretty happy to be here. I am a Georgia native who loves to travel, get crafty, and take pictures. I spent some time living and schooling in Canada where I married my high school sweetheart and now I am back in Georgia studying at a community college as a non-traditional, which I absolutely love.

Whats your favorite part about being back down south?

Oh man, being back in Georgia has been great. I love school, I have loved reconnecting and getting to spend more time with my girl friends from high school, and of course I love the weather! I do alright with winter and love it most of the time, but there really is nothing like southern weather!

So, you are going to be our new event intern. What made you want to apply?

I have always loved gatherings and I am a big supporter of community. To me, gathering together really is the backbone of friendship and society and a great way to learn about others and ourselves. A very wise matriarch in my family once said to me, as we get older, we realize that even the little things in life are worth celebrating, and without gathering together and enjoying each other there really is no point to it. That really stuck to me and Ive used it as my motto ever since. Its really brought me to appreciate the times I get to share with others.

Where would you most love to travel?

Well, I am actually really excited because I get the opportunity to travel to Europe for the first time ever this summer for a short study abroad. Europe has been on my bucket list for a long time, but Id also really like to go east. I would love to travel to India, Tibet, China, Japan, and someday down to Australia and New Zealand. Id also like to spend some time exploring South America and doing some hiking there. Truthfully, I want to go everywhere and could never choose a most loved place to go.

What new craft would you like to learn?

I love working with my hands and have always wanted to mess around with carpentry. I love furniture and design and I think it would be so satisfying to design and build something as simple as a chair. Something functional, but to have the opportunity to really put some love into it so that every time I sit downI cant help, but think about the process.

What's your favorite animal?

I have always been intrigued by anteaters. I knowthats pretty strange. I think they are cute and I love the weirdness, yet practicality of their physical build. I nerd out sometimes on the idea that they evolved into the perfect creature to do what they do and that they must love the taste of ants a whole lot, which is a rather weird and particular thing for your body to evolve to be good at.

Tell us something unique about yourself.

I am left handed and I love it. I love left handed products, and am constantly inspired by famous left-handers, even if that is a little biased.

Where do you hope joining the Birds will lead you?

Like the anteater, I am looking for a place to evolve. A place to really immerse myself into a community where I get to be apart of events that really celebrate what live is all about, being human. I think as humans we become better at humanity by being together and learning from each other. I also absolutely love the BOF missionhow they are so good to their clients and also so good to others. It really hits me that they truly support women inbusiness and women of the world. And I love it more that their entire hearts are totally in all they do.

Find Hillery on the internet through her Twitter  and her crafty blog, Hand Make My Life!